Omaha Poker for Beginners

Omaha Poker for beginners

To a beginning player, Omaha Poker will seem very similar to Texas Hold’em. In both games a player is dealt pocket cards, there is a betting round, then a flop, another betting round, a turn, a river, and finally a showdown.

However, there are important differences between Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em and a player should know these before beginning to play Omaha Poker with serious intentions.

The obvious, most basic difference is that in Omaha Poker, a player is dealt four pocket cards, instead of two. This might seem an insignificant difference at first, but there is one other consideration. In Omaha Poker, you must use exactly two of your pocket cards in combination with the community cards to form your hand. Exactly two cards, no more, no less.

To a player just starting to learn about Omaha Poker, it is recommended first to review the rules how to play Omaha Poker. The next step is understanding the basics of Omaha Poker. After a player has mastered this initial information, he can proceed by reviewing our list of Omaha Poker tips and Omaha Poker strategy.

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When sitting down at a table to play Omaha Poker, a player must know if he is participating in a regular Omaha High game, or alternatively if the action is Omaha High Low, which adds another element to the game. Forming the lowest possible hand opens up a wide range of possibilities to consider, but it is important to also remember that the pot will be divided up between the winners of the high hand and the qualified low hand (if such a hand exists).

And a final consideration for a beginning Omaha Poker player is knowing the limits involved. Whileas Texas Hold’em is most commonly played as No Limit, allowing for unlimited betting and pot sizes, it is quite common for Omaha Poker to be played as Pot Limit. Limiting the betting to the size of the current pot affects players’ betting strategy and adds yet another important dimension to the game of Omaha Poker.


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